1. Strength
5×1 @ 75-80%
These should be heavy but under control at all times. The weight needs to be lowered back to the ground. Like we always say, pretend your deadlifting in a library, no bouncing and no dropping.

2. Metcon
4 Rounds:
12 Power Snatch 95/65lbs
12 Overhead Squats
12 Push Ups
*Further Scaling:
Less weight on the Barbell.
Put the focus on the Barbell. Smooth singles on the Snatch without stepping away from the bar. Go right into your OHS and try to get the sets unbroken. Hopefully by this point the push ups are becoming an after thought and your confidence is growing. If not, scaling to a more comfortable number could be a good move.

3. Accessory
Bar Muscle Ups
Use as little Kipping as possible to complete these sets of 4. The more strict the better.

Rest as needed.
*Further Scaling:
6 CTB or Pull Ups.
Most competitive CrossFitters have the strength to do strict Bar Muscle Ups, but they are never practiced. Learn something new today.

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