1. Oly
Hang Snatch (below knee)
Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
1 Rep @ 90%+
Heavier than last week.
*Further Scaling:
Use a lesser percentage on the Snatch.
Take the warm up as seriously as you would take the heavy reps. We are trying to re-wire your brain to move through very important positions that can otherwise be overlooked.

2. Metcon
AMRAP 15 Minutes
50′ Farmer’s Carry 50/35lb Dumbbells
50 Double Unders
10 Dumbbell Push Press
*Further Scaling:
Less weight on the dumbbells.
Probably best to go 25′ out and back to return back to the Jump Rope. If transitions are something you want to work on and wish to at in a couple 50′ hustles every other round, that’s fine too as long as it’s intentional.

3. Accessory
5 Rounds:
Row 40/30 Calories
Rest 3:00
Full effort each interval.
Lay it all out there and pay attention to where you start to fall off each round. Make an effort to reach the same number of calories before your output diminishes in all 5 efforts. This will become difficult unless you intentionally dog the first interval, don’t do that.

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