1. Buy In
3 Attempts at Max Rep Overhead Squat at 75% Bodyweight
Rest 3:00 between efforts
Scores are best set AND total reps across 3 sets.
*Further Scaling:
Smaller percentage on OHS.

2. Metcon
Squat Cleans 135/95lbs
Ring Dips
8 Minute Cap.
*Further Scaling:
Less weight on Squat Cleans.
Touch and Go Cleans are not necessary at all. Singles all the way through will give you a better shot at a PR time.

3. Accessory
For Time:
Bike 100/65 Calories
*Further Scaling:
Less Calories.
Athletes attack this differently. Some go near maximal effort to knock of 30-50 Calories quickly before slowing way down. Others go short burst intervals all the way to the end. Some hold a middle of the road pace all the way there. Know your strengths and put them to use.

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