If you join the family at Crossfit LT, we take your membership seriously. And we firmly believe that we’re successful when you’re successful.

One of the things we love to do at Crossfit LT is… celebrate!

Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons. They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

Different goals, different strategies for reaching those goals, and different outcomes along the way. We meet you where you are, an celebrate as you get to where you’re going.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.

Keith Goyen

I came to CrossFit looking for something different. I needed something to challenge me and improve my overall conditioning. My first impression of CrossFit was this is torture! Not really….Right away I loved the competitive nature and community of CrossFit. Every day I look forward to working on some skill and completing the WOD. My first bright spot was being able to string together a couple of DU’s. At the present I’m working on Ring MU’s. I’m getting close and hope to complete one soon! I can say that my favorite memory is when I completed a bar MU in the 2016 Open!

Justin Fish

“Initially I looked into CrossFit as a way to motivate me to keep up a healthier lifestyle. I had made a few changes in my life and I felt CrossFit would motivate me to further those changes. And it has!”

Carrie Miller

“My husband had been doing crossfit for several years prior so I would see him look at the main site for workouts and info. Some friends had also started crossfit a year or so before me and I would hear them talking about it. One day I just decided to actually give it a try and join them. I was certain I would hate it. I had never lifted weights ever in my life. Nearly 3 years and almost 800 workouts later, I can’t imagine my daily life without it!”


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