Client Stories

Like A Family

“I’ve been going to this box for the past 4 years. If you want to how this gym will treat you, it feels like you are walking into the theme song of Cheers. Everybody DOES know your name. They support you, and care for you , and want to see you succeed. The new owner is so warm and caring. Anyone who would give this gym anything less than 5 stars probably see’s the world through dark colored glasses. CFLT is family.”

~ Joy W.

Great Coaches And Workouts

“I was only in AZ for a short period of time and I am so sad to leave this Crossfit gym! Such great coaches and workouts. Everyone was very friendly, including management and the equipment was kept nice. Would highly recommend this gym to anyone!!”

~ Sarah G.

They Make It Simple

“I am not a young whipper-snapper anymore (mid-40s). My “regular” routine of jogging and doing a few push-ups and sit-ups just wasn’t cutting it any longer. I just wanted to feel better. I joined Lift and Thrive on the recommendation of a couple of friends. I was nervous and intimidated to start–I had zero experience lifting weights or doing any type of CrossFit training. But, everyone was super friendly and supportive from the get-go when I started just 2 1/2 months ago. The coaches have all been awesome and really break down and simplify the proper techniques for each of the lifts for someone without any experience like myself. They are conscious of providing different ways to modify the various workouts for beginners. The other members have all been welcoming and none of them have shunned me for being a “weakling” (hey, I own it!). The main thing for me–I feel better about myself, I feel better physically, I am happier and my wife has noticed it. Added bonus, my prior recurring knee-joint pains that I experienced while jogging have gone away.”

~ Sterling P.