Class Caps and Reservations

A Better Experience for Everyone!

Lift and Thrive! As a reminder, we require reservations for your spot in any class. CrossFit, BUILD, Strongman, and even childcare.

One simple reason is to respect our coaches time and to set them up for success. If there won't be a class, our coaches are able to go on with their day, offer 1-1 coaching, or perhaps get their own workout in. Or, if a class is going to be larger, they can think through how they'd like to manage it best. We try to take good care of our coaches and this is one really easy way to show our respect.

Another reason for reservations is to manage class sizes. We currently have CrossFit classes capped at 12 athletes per class, offering 6 CrossFit classes per weekday. We did some external research on industry standards and met as a group in staff and determined that this was a good number for our gym after some discussion and considerations.

Why was this our decision? First and foremost is SAFETY! We want to be able to manage the space so that everyone has a safe experience. Safety also comes into play with the coach being able to monitor everyone's movements and form, and to coach individuals in a group setting as needed. With too many bodies, the likelihood that we can see and get to everything is lower.

Additionally, we know that you pay private gym/CrossFit prices because you want great programming and coaching! You want to be taught and have an experience that matches what you're paying for. And, again, a too-full class reduces that value.

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How to reserve? Through Wodify!

This can be done in the Wodify App or on the Wodify website once logged into your account. Go to Schedule, choose the class, and click reserve.

Reservations may not be available to you IF:

  1. the class is full. please don't assume that you should just show up any way. though if you do, you can discuss your options with the coach. do not make this a habit.
  2. there were no reservations at least 30 minutes prior to the class, and the class was canceled to respect the coach's time.

Our gym's pattern is that class caps occur for the first class in a block. So, 5am + 815am + 430pm. This is good news because it means that there is another CrossFit class with space immediately after! Grab a reservation for one of those classes and help fill those up (6am, 915am, 530pm)!

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to Kristen at 623-377-8594 or [email protected] or Michael at 623-377-8596 or [email protected]

Thank you for respecting these policies and each other's experience at Lift and Thrive!