Open Gym

It's just that... a wide open gym for you to utilize as you please.

Come in and use the gym and equipment with a trainer present to guide and advise you if needed. Or, we’ll leave you alone to enjoy your time. We totally understand the glory of a good solo workout! Many of our work-from-home people enjoy taking a break from their desk work midday to move their bodies.

Our policy on Open Gym is this: yes, we have “Open Gym” blocks on the schedule… but truly any time the gym is open you’re welcome to use the space. Be mindful of classes going on (e.g. don’t set up to lift from the rig if they’re doing a pull up heavy workout, don’t set up your equipment in the middle of the floor, etc). We have 3900 sq ft so we’re certain we can all get along.

We have dedicated lifting platforms for those looking to get their barbell training in, and really any equipment you might need.

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