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Mindset over Macros - Macronutrient and Lifestyle Coaching that is more than a spreadsheet and numbers.
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When you’re a member you have access to our Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, Kristen.

CrossFit LT members receive 1:1 coaching with Kristen at a discounted rate including regular meetings and nutrition/habits seminars in the gym.

The seminars are free to all members, and all┬ámembers are more than welcome ask their questions of Kristen at any time. Please don’t be shy… she LOVES to talk about this and in her words “spread the good word that you can eat plenty and you can eat your favorites and still have success and good health”.

Kristen has a degree in Psychology and is a Clean Health and Fitness trained and certified nutrition coach. Her passion is in helping people understand the building blocks of our food, how all diets with a name work (Keto, Macros, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Paleo) and why we don’t need to be committed to any of those to find success. You’ll create your own healthy habits based on your needs, wants, lifestyle preferences, and knowledge.

You can read more about Kristen, her program, and pricing at

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