Eat and Thrive!

To get started with nutrition coaching, email [email protected]

We’ve heard time and time again that weight loss, building muscle, increasing performance, etc is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so we believe in assisting you with that 80%!

Your membership includes Nutrition Coaching. A custom plan for you based on your lifestyle and goals, weekly email check-ins, monthly In-Body composition scans, and access to your nutrition coach for questions, guidance, education, and encouragement.

We make sure that you are appropriately fueled for your workouts while achieving your physique goals whether that is to lose body fat, build muscle, increase performance, or maybe all of that at the same time! You'll even learn the magic of maintaining!

To get started with nutrition coaching, email [email protected]


A little about Kristen, our Lift and Thrive nutritionist. Kristen has her degree in Psychology with certifications in nutrition and coaching. Her passion is in helping people reach their goals but realizes there's more to the equation than just numbers.

She's dedicated to teaching people the basics of feeding themselves including grocery shopping, cooking, prepping, timing, nutrients, feeding a family, and fueling athletes. She has a website with valuable information including educational articles and macro/calorie-friendly recipes. Follow her on Instagram @kristenbudgetsandeats to get a daily look in her kitchen to help guide your learning with real-life examples of a woman trying to feed herself and her family well.