So, you come to the gym day in and day out working your little butt off and still feel like you aren’t really sure how or what you should be eating.  Well, we are here to answer some of your questions and hopefully give you some tips and pointers.  First things first, what you put in your mouth matters!  There are so many diets, thoughts and opinions pulling you in a million different directions and that can become confusing and quite frankly frustrating.  At the end of the day we want you feeling amazing both in and out of the gym.

Step One:

Calculate YOUR Caloric Estimate.  The number of calories you burn in a day is called your total energy expenditure.  This includes your Basal Metabolic Rate (what you burn at rest), Non-Exercise and Exercise-Associated Thermogenesis (what you burn moving around both around the house and at CFLT), and Thermic Effect of Feeding (what you burn eating food).  There are several online calculators that can assist with this calculation.

Step Two:

Find a guideline that allows you to eat with the least amount of restrictions.  We feel that the less you are restricting the more likely you will be to follow the plan.  The whole purpose of this step is to find something that is sustainable so you are setting yourself up for success!  Whether that be the Zone Diet, counting your Macros or whatever else you can find PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be realistic with yourself and make sure it is something you can follow long term and feel great about it.

Step Three:

Start making changes.  Listen, this doesn’t mean you go from eating 10 donuts a day to none at all.  Ease out of your bad habits with a set goal in mind.  This will allow you to feel great about what you’re doing and the theme of this post…..set yourself up for success by being REALISTIC.

Okay and let’s get real here.  Do yourself a favor and get OFF the scale.  What they say is true, muscle DOES weigh more than fat so start gauging your success on how you are FEELING and how your clothes are FITTING.

But listen, these are just our opinions.  Go ahead and read it straight from the experts HERE.  And always if you have questions or need recommendations ask us!  We are always happy to help and we have many tools and resources to do so.



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