1. Strength
Back Squat
5×5 @60%
Control the weight on the way down and make sure you are in strong positions throughout the range of motion. You can use some bounce out of the bottom, but you shouldn’t need to rely on it for each rep. On the way back up, focus on that aggressive drive through the floor.

2. Metcon
AMRAP 20 Minutes
6 Power Cleans 185/125lbs
2 Rope Climbs
Run 400m
*Further Scaling:
Less weight on the Cleans.
6 Strict Pull Ups instead of Rope Climbs.
Focus on completing the “in gym” work quickly, don’t pace much on those movements. The pace can really be set on the Run, as that’s the majority of the workout. How you are able to attack the Run will say a lot about where you are currently.

3. Accessory
Horizontal Ring Rows
Rest as needed between sets.
*Further Scaling:
Take your feet off the box and bring them more under the rings.
Elevate your feet on a box to near Ring height. The Pull should be fast and decent controlled.

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