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You have been gifted a One Month Unlimited Membership at CrossFit Lift and Thrive in Mesa, AZ.

Your unlimited membership includes access to all classes and open gym hours on our schedule and our nutrition consultation services.

To complete your trial sign up: Click Here use the code your friend provided (or use code FreeMonth)

View our schedule here - https://crossfitlt.com/schedule/

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All of our memberships are month-to-month based. If you don't wish to continue with us after your gifted month, simply reach out at any time and we will ensure your membership does not renew for additional months. We don't need 30-day notice or anything like that but 48 hours prior to your renewal date would be helpful.

If you're feeling nervous, we understand because most of us felt the same way when we started. But we have story after story of members that were willing to be new for a few weeks, and wound up having the most fun they ever have while getting fit.

We're excited to meet you and we're here for anything you may need.

Reach out any time.

Michael 623-377-8596 or [email protected]

Kristen 623-377-8594 or [email protected]