The CrossFit Open 2023 at CrossFit Lift and Thrive

Everything you need to know to have the best time this Open Season!

What Is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an annual global competition that CrossFit athletes have fun with in friendly competition in their gyms to qualify for the CrossFit Games. It’s one of the biggest, most fun parts of the CrossFit community. It's a literal holiday season!

The Open consists of three weekly events/workouts that are released on Thursdays and performed on Fridays during classes, with an option to submit those scores on the global whiteboard (but definitely on your gym whiteboard of course). It's incredible that the full globe, every single CrossFit athlete, is participating in these same workouts.

There are many traditions involved with the Open which really ups the excitement!

  • Thursday announcement and Throwdown - the workouts are announced on Thursdays via live broadcast and then a small group of athletes will usually "throwdown" against each other on Thursday to kick off this friendly competition.
  • The unknown aspect of the workout makes the anticipation fun! What will the workout be!!?? We wonder and discuss and make bets and guesses all week long.
  • Friday workouts in class. The announced workout is the workout of the day on Friday in all CrossFit classes. All of the typical warm-ups and coaching occur, but there is usually some differences in that we will run the workouts in "heats" during classes to cheer each other on and have judges available
  • The workouts are "judged" (judges are our friends) and judges usually get really into their job and cheer athletes to do their very best!

If you haven't gathered by now, the Open's excitement comes from doing something collectively, doing something hard but manageable, and supporting the community! CrossFit is an incredible community of people globally and locally and this is the annual event that resolidifies that over and over.

Those that do very well may qualify for the next round, the quarterfinals, and make it one step closer to the CrossFit Games. What are the CrossFit Games?! OMG glad you asked. Check this out

If you want to register for the Open to log your scores on the global whiteboard you can do that here (registration at that link is not required to participate at the gym).

What Is the Lift and Thrive CrossFit Open Competition?

We are having a friendly competition among our gym as class teams with our coaching duos as the captains. Remember the teams we launched earlier this year for the Habit Challenge? Those same teams remain.

It's the 5/6 am Jojo and Alex crew, the 815/915 Carrie and Amanda crew, and the 430/530 Alexis and Darrell crew! The team with the most points earns a cash bonus for their coaches! These guys work hard for us every day, so this is a great way to work hard for them with massive fun and benefits for ourselves! You could also earn 50% off your next month's membership!

Points system:

  • RESERVE FOR CLASS 1 point each member that reserves for class (see bullet 3)
  • DO THE WORKOUT! 1 point each member w/ a score logged into Friday's class
  • DON'T CANCEL/NO SHOW Minus 1 point for cancelling a reservation (or no show)
  • ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST SCORE 5 points to athlete with highest score in Scaled division
  • ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST SCORE 10 points to athlete with highest score in Rx division
  • BRING A FRIEND 25 points to athletes that bring a friend to drop in for the Open WOD
  • FRIENDS BECOME FAMILY 100 points (and half off your next month's membership) if your guest signs up to be a member
  • VOLUNTEER TO THROWDOWN on Thursday night at 530pm for up to a 50-point BONUS! (25 for throwdown, 25 for winning)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND SWAG Post and Tag @lift_and_thrive_fitness and #earlymorningLT #midmorningLT #PMLT 5 points... if the post contains you wearing your new CrossFit LT shirt = 15 points!

There are some REALLY easy points! Reserve, workout, log score is 2 points easy!

FAQ - 

Can anyone do these workouts? YES! Yes! Yes! In fact, there are more options provided during the Open for different skill and age levels at each workout than at any other time of the year. You are welcome here. Everyone.

I usually go to 5am but I went to 530pm, who gets the points? The class that you attended gets the points.

When is the Throwdown? 530pm on Thursdays (2/16, 2/23, 3/2)

How do I bring a friend for the Friday workout? You just need to have them sign our waiver and arrive about 5 minutes before class to introduce them to the coach and show them around! We'll handle the rest from there.

Can kids participate? 100% absolutely! If your child is new to CrossFit, discuss this with your coach! You know the Carroll kids will be there with mom and dad. They will be expected to handle themselves like little athletes and join their class as usual.

Do we have athletes that are trying to qualify for the next round of the Open? YES!! We do! We have athletes that are going to work their tails off to log their best scores and qualify for the quarterfinals, which takes them one step closer to the CrossFit games. And let me tell you, when the full gym gives their all and makes this a freaking party each week, it fuels those athletes to do even better and up their chances of getting there. Just another reason to show up and turn the heat up on the fun and intensity!

Do I need to register? For the gym-wide competition, no you don't. For the global competition and whiteboard, yes you do. Do that here. 

Have other questions!? Drop them here! 

Also, check out this article describing the Open further! CrossFit Open 2023: The Complete Guide and Your Questions, Answered