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We will start at 9 am. Arrive at 8 am to warm up/athlete briefing at 845 am. 

Current roster - 

The Set Up:

Each Athlete will participate in 2 of 4 workouts for their team. 

Choosing 1 Strength and 1 Metcon

Strength WOD 1:

Find a Heavy Bear Complex - 1 total rep (we are not using the 7 rep style)

Strength WOD 2:

Rising Weight Sandbag to Shoulder 

last man standing with the heaviest completed rep (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)


Metcon 1: 

For Time; 3 rounds of 10 burpee sandbags over shoulders, 50' sandbag carry (100/50)

Metcon 2:

For Time; 10-1 front squats (115/75), 1-10 25' shuttle runs 


Sign up at the link provided above and discuss with your class teams which WOD's you'd like to do. Sign Up Sheets for WOD's are in the gym!



Some answers to your burning questions about scoring and participation: 

Why should I participate if I'm probably not going to lift as much as everyone/be as fast as everyone?

The scores will work as such:

For the Strength WOD's, we will total the max score for all participating athletes.

So your max lift could certainly help tip the scales for your team's win!

For the Metcons, we will combine the fastest AND slowest score on the team.

So, you can’t realize you’re not as fast and then not give it your all. Even if you are the slowest, you don’t want to drag that on and tack on extra seconds to your score simply out of effort.

We want ALL TO PARTICIPATE and hope the scoring system helps prove that. YOU MATTER to your team!

Tiebreakers will come down to # of participants on a team for an individual WOD or for the full score at the end of the day.

And SURPRISE - there will be a 5th and final secret WOD that will require 4 athletes that the team will designate on the day. You will each have one movement for a few reps/distance to contribute and then on to the next member: relay style for time. Going into this WOD, 1st place from WOD’s 1-4 will have a head start.