1. What brought you to CrossFit?
    I first tried CrossFit at a gym owned by a family I occasionally babysat for and wasn’t impressed. I ended up at CFLT in 2016 when Mike made a Facebook looking for someone to do childcare. I was looking for something part time and both my mom and I saw the post so I said I was interested and then got the job and have been here ever since! (Well except October 2017-June 2018 when I got a job as a paraprofessional) December 2018 I decided I had done a lot of work mentally and spiritually and I needed to start focusing on feeling better physically. With a little nudging I finally committed to coming regularly and have loved it ever since!
  2. What was your first impression?
    My first impression was that it was intense! I left my second ever Crossfit WOD (not at CFLT) feeling like I was going to pass out. Then I would be watching kiddos in the morning thinking they were all nuts and I told myself no one could ever pay me enough to come and attempt to do what they were doing! 
  3. How has that changed?
    It hasn’t changed a whole lot. I still think the workouts are intense but now I try and get my friends and family to do it with me! I may or may not have traumatized one of my best friends by talking her into coming and trying a workout. 
  4. What was your first “Bright Spot”?
    I have a couple that come to mind but the one that sticks out the most was this past open. When I did the open in the spring I had only been consistently coming for a couple months and was having to scale the scaled. The last open in the fall I only had to scale one scaled and I even hit a deadlift and clean & jerk PR!! It was the first time I could tell that my consistency was paying off! 
  5. What are you working on now?
    Right now I’m working on being able to RX box jumps during WODs and double unders. 
  6. What’s your favorite CFLT memory?
    This is a hard question because there are so many! Friday Night Lights during the open is always a blast. It is so fun watching everyone at all different levels cheer each other on! Getting to do my first Murph last year was also pretty awesome too. Another one that comes to mind is Finn getting his Kettlebell ornament and giftcard taken during the Christmas party in 2018…I have never seen someone so heartbroken and devastated before! I love all the friendships I’ve been able to create in and out of the gym too, the CFLT family is the best!!

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