1. What brought you to CrossFit?
    We moved to Eastern Gilbert two years ago and our old gym was now too far away, so we joined a closer gym.  I love the 5am class so I can get to work on time afterwards.  You are the only gym within range that has a 5am class.
  2. What was your first impression?
    The coaches are the happiest coaches!  They make working out fun. 
  3. How has that changed?
    It hasn’t changed.  Getting to know the other athletes is great.  I love working out with Heather.
  4. What was your first “Bright Spot”? 
    Uh, I don’t know what a “Bright Spot” is.
  5. What are you working on now? 
    I’m keeping the weight low and working on more reps and better form.  I’m an older guy and CrossFit keeps me healthy and mobile.
  6. What’s your favorite CFLT memory?
    A hike with the group that Mike Gordon led in the Superstitions.

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