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June 2018 Athlete of the Month – Garrett Janda

1. What brought you to CrossFit? I first heard about Crossfit before my sophomore year in high school. I was taking boxing classes with a friend and our boxing coach mentioned that he does Crossfit and that we should try it out. I checked out but didn’t try a workout until 6 months later. …
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May 2018 Athlete of the Month – Adrianne Nelson

1. What brought you to CrossFit? My husband was introduced to Crossfit while serving in the military. For six years he tried to get me to give it a try, just once. I was always too intimidated and thought there was no way a out of shape, mother of four would be able to do …
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April 2018 Athlete of the Month – Josh Freemole

1. What brought you to CrossFit? Mike Gordon. I was inspired to try CrossFit after I saw how in shape he was. I have worked out at plenty of gyms but would always work out for a few weeks and quit going. I wanted something that would keep me coming back. 2. What was your …
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March 2018 Athlete of the Month – Erin Ray

1. What brought you to CrossFit? I had just had my 5th baby and I had 4 months to train for a Tough Mudder to get ready. My friend, Christie Jones, told me about the benefits of Crossfit. She raved about how it would get me in shape. I have always been the type of …
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February Athlete of the Month – Travis Liversedge

1. What brought you to CrossFit? After my brain surgery, I needed something that would rehabilitate me quickly and get me into shape for an upcoming physical fitness test. I had heard people around base talk about and I had watch a few videos online of Rich Froning doing Grace, I thought that doesn’t look …
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How’s Your New Year Resolution Going?

Can you believe it?  January 2018 is almost over, that was fast.  For all you New Year’s Resolution setters, this is a great time to check in with your progress.  Listen, we all have conversations with ourselves about how we envision the new year to go.  Perhaps your goal is to be more patient, to …
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