What is better than a big juicy burger?

Summer is officially in full swing and heating up the kitchen does not sound appealing. This time of year the grill is a great tool to make great tasting food without making the AC work even harder than it needs to in this Arizona heat. There are so many foods that can be cooked on the grill besides meat, including veggies, fruit, potatoes, etc. Let’s be honest, the smell of a grill screams SUMMER!

What is better than a burger fresh off the grill? A fail proof juicy burger! It is very easy to overcook a burger making it dry and chewy, but with this recipe, you will have a crowd pleasing, luscious burger that never fails. Don’t have a grill? Not to worry! These taste great cooked on a grill pan, cast iron skillet or just a regular cooking pan on your stove top.


  • 1 lb ground beef*
  • 1/2 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese
  • 1/2 cup 505 Flame Roasted green chilies
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Start your grill and bring it to medium-high heat
  2. While the grill is warming up, mix all the ingredients into a large bowl
  3. Form 4 equal size patties and flatten them to about 1/2 inch thickness to ensure quick and even cooking.
  4. Place the burgers on the hot grill and grill the burgers until cooked to your preference, 3 to 4 minutes per side for medium-rare. To test for doneness, insert an instant-read meat thermometer through the side of a burger into the center. The internal temperature should be about 145°F for medium-rare or, if using commercial ground beef, cook it to at least medium, 160°F.
  5. Remove from grill and let rest a few minutes
  6. Place on bun of choice.
  7. Add fixings of choice and enjoy!


If you don’t like or can’t have red meat, this recipe is great to use ground turkey or ground chicken as it is less likely to be dry from the chilies and cheese. Dairy not agree with you? Just leave out the cheese and add some extra chilies.

Nutritional Break Down per serving (4 servings total):
Calories: 248
Fat: 16.2 g
Carbs: 3.2g
Protein: 24.8g

June 2018 Athlete of the Month – Garrett Janda

June 2018 Athlete of the Month – Garrett Janda

1. What brought you to CrossFit?

I first heard about Crossfit before my sophomore year in high school. I was taking boxing classes with a friend and our boxing coach mentioned that he does Crossfit and that we should try it out. I checked out but didn’t try a workout until 6 months later. I was constantly trying different weightlifting and fitness solutions in high school pretty much just looking for a shortcut to results but Crossfit instantly became an addiction for me because it forced me to work hard, and there was nowhere to hide from the pain. I started in my garage with friends but then transitioned to Crossfit LT when my grandma bought me a month for Christmas in 2011. I couldn’t workout in my garage after going to Crossfit LT because the environment and culture was next level. I still remember my first workout in my garage: 10rds of 15 Deadlifts @135 & 15 Pushups, but even worse was my first workout at LT: 100 Burpees for time. Despite all the suffering, I am grateful to my boxing coach for exposing me to Crossfit.

2. What was your first impression?

My first impression was that I didn’t know what the hell it was but I loved it. Once doing more research the methodology just made sense to me and I loved everything about the culture. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement was all I wanted to do. I was seriously addicted. If I could tell you how many hours I spent in my garage working out or watching videos it would be embarrassing. My friends thought I had a problem. Crossfit was much different back then (2009 & 2010), it was hardcore and no one had heard of it. If I found out someone did Crossfit I knew they were a badass.

3. How has that changed?

It really hasn’t changed much but it’s been really cool to see Crossfit & Crossfit LT grow and basically take over the fitness space, at least for anyone that is serious about health. As I get better I actually just realize how much more there is to work on. I love that about Crossfit, there is always something or someone that will outdo you, and the environment at LT makes chasing those challenges fun.

4. What was your first “Bright Spot”?

My first bright spot was probably winning my first Crossfit competition when I was 17. It was a Crossfit Kids event in Ramona California. I took 1st in all 4 events and they didn’t put out enough weight for me and another competitor in a 1RM Clean event so we had to go head to head after for a tie breaker. I think my Clean 1RM was 265 back then. It’s always really cool to represent Crossfit LT at competitions, even when I don’t podium.

5. What are you working on now?

Deadlifts, running, & gymnastics (mostly muscle ups and strict work). Pretty much everything but those are probably my biggest weaknesses right now. It doesn’t help that I train everyday with 130lb lightning bolts. Another big one is the mental game. It’s easy to build capacity at this or that but once tends to stop me most often is what’s between the ears.

6. What’s your favorite CFLT memory?

My favorite CFLT memory is probably the Open every year. It is just such a great time of year where everyone comes together, tests their growth over the past year, and just has a great time while doing it. It really is hard to pick one favorite memory from all the amazing times this community has given me.

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