Snatch and Clean: “Bottoms Up”

Saturday we’ll work on what a good “bottom position” means to Olympic

A good bottom position can be the difference between making and missing a
PR lift. A less than desirable bottom position can be the difference in
becoming injury prone, inconsistent, and inefficient with your training.
Or a good one can help you become accustomed to training for years without
major difficulty. Don’t begin or labor through these skills with bad
habits, this is where good coaching comes in.

Saturday we will work on both lifts with an extra emphasis on how to
descend/ascend in and out of the bottom position (barbell in tow) with
maximum efficiency for YOUR body!

–Please don’t hesitate to show up. What makes our style of coaching
helpful is the emphasis on catering to students of all skill levels. You
will improve on your first day GUARANTEED


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