Snatch: Its Fast!

The Snatch is a very technical lift that requires extreme strength,
flexibility, and athleticism. To achieve good positioning in the snatch
from the ground-bottom-back up again, one must stay tight and flexible at
the same time (if that makes sense at all). It is the epitome of what
athleticism should entail in one simple, fast and yet very complex

The snatch is arguably the fastest movement in all competitive sports, at
least in the Olympics. BTW: Olympic Weightlifting is the ONLY lifting
sport in the Olympics. Almost every Olympic Weightlifter you will see in
2012 could be a professional in about 2-3 other sports. Speed is the name
of the game and that is what you should look to achieve when you practice.
The speed you employ at 50% 1RM should be the same at 100%. This is
easily identifiable when watching any good lifter train. This type of
precision is not gained overnight, it takes at least 2,000 hrs of practice
to make every lift look the same from 50-100%.

PS: Check this picture. This is a Turkish female with impeccable
technique. Again, see a trend in the bar path and relate it to what we’ve
been teaching? Shoulders over the bar and heels on the ground until
exploding? Look at hips, shoulders and bar as well as consistent back
angle throughout the pull. Are they rising at the same rate?

The Turks, male and female, have very good snatch technique and always
place well in this lift, but seem to fall somewhat short in the C&J (at
least in the past couple years) compared to most European/Eurasian
countries. We’ll see. The World Weightlifting Championships are coming
up next month!


The Clean

Saturday we will drill the clean. Most Leiftime fitness class regulars have been versed in the basic ideas of what we have been emphasizing thus far. However, this Saturday we will take it a step further. We’re going to break down the movement into parts/segments into different aspects and
build on what we’ve been learning. Although the clean is less technical in nature compared to the snatch or the jerk it still has to be drilled to perfection in order to correctly perform it with heavier weight. This will be our emphasis

Never look to stay the same or be content with your ability. Everyone has the physical capacity to improve! Push yourself in this class and I bet you will be surprised what you will be able to accomplish!

Beginners, don’t hesitate to show up.

We have 3 coaches for this clinic and will dedicate significant 1 on 1 time to conform to your base level.

You will leave with more skill than you walked in with. Guaranteed.


BTW: This is a picture of how to correctly rack a clean in the bottom
position. This is a world record clean he stood up with, his jerk was
turned down for a press out.

See you guys 9 am!

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