Month: October 2016


COACHES WARMUP STRENGTH/SKILL A1. BACK SQUAT; 6-8 reps A2. BARBELL ROW; 8-12 reps X3 THEN… 800M run away from the zombies 70 Double Unders 60 Air Squats 50 Situps 400M run away from Frankensteins monster 30 Pushups 20 Pullups 10 HSPU CASHOUT ABS COACHES CHOICE (ONLY IF THERES 10min LEFT IN CLASS)


PARTNER WOD WITH SOLO VARIATION Come workout it will be super easy:)


COACHES WARMUP STRENGTH/SKILL DEADLIFT; 10,8,6,4,2; rest 2min THEN… Tabata (8 sets of :20 work and :10 rest for each movement) Rx Squats Box Jumps (24/20) Pushups Situps GPP Pistols Box Jump Overs (24/20) Ring Dips Toes to Bar


COACHES WARMUP STRENGTH/SKILL SNATCH; Build to a 1RM THEN… 500M row 20-15-10-5 OHS (95/65, GPP: 135/85) Pullups (GPP: C2B) 400M run


COACHES WARMUP STRENGTH/SKILL Work on a gymnastics skill for 10min THEN… 7 rounds 200M run 9 Toes to Bar 7 Burpees 5 Box Jumps (28/24) + (GPP: 3 Muscle Ups) *Time CAP TBD CASHOUT 25 Man Makers

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