Month: August 2015


   MOVEMENT PREP #4 BUY IN: Back Squat; build to a 3 rep max in 15min THEN… For time: 100 Air Squats + 3 rounds 15 C2B Pullups 5 Clean & Jerks (185/125) + 1k row


   In teams of 2 perform: 100 Push Press (95/65) 100 Slamballs (40/20)


   MOVEMENT PREP #3 27min time cap 3 rounds 100 single unders 20 Burpees 30 Russian KBS (53/35) then…. 200M run 100M Farmer’s Walk (White containers/35#) 10 Box Jumps (28/24) 1 Rope Climb 20 OHS (95/65) 1 Rope Climb 10 Box Jumps 100M Farmer’s Walk 200M run


   MOVEMENT PREP #4 BUY IN: A1. Bench Press; 6-8reps; rest 15s A2. KBS; 25reps; rest 90s X3 THEN… “DIANE” 21-15-9 Deadlift (225/155) HSPU


   MOVEMENT PREP #2 BUY IN: A1. Supinated CG Pullup; submax reps; rest 10s A2. FLR on rings; 60-90s; rest 60s X4 THEN… 1min Airdyne for calories rest 3min X5 *score is total calories from all 5 rounds CASHOUT: Farmer’s Walk; 50M; rest as needed X3

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