Month: June 2015

BRP broad Jump -LUNGES

  Leiftime Movement Prep #2 Buy in: 2k Retest: Row 2000M *This should be an all out effort. Try to beat your time from 6 weeks ago. Then… 50M Burpee Broad Jump 50M Walking Lunges 50M Burpee Broad Jump Cash out: 50 Toes to Bar *Perform 5 air squats every drop


   Leiftime Movement Prep #4 Buy in: Back Squat; build to a 1 rep max (20min) Then… 18min AMRAP 400M run 3 rounds 6 Power Cleans (135/95) 9 Burpees 12 Pullups

Partner Workout

   left blank intentionally…. per Coach Garrett


   We will be performing both lifts tomorrow – Snatch followed by the Clean and Jerk. Like a meet, but not because it will only be 1hr and people will do more than 3 attempts. Emoji I will be starting class right at 10am if possible.


   Leiftime has been a great adventure for Melanie and I. Our intention when we started was to be better at our jobs as firefighters, cement our family in fitness and throw ourselves into this counterculture called CrossFit. We never imagined what a gift this would be to us as far as the people we’d …
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