Month: December 2014

DRAW A LINE…. Prep#4 Buy in: Work on accomplishing your goal. Everyone needs to write up a new goal by the end of the buy in. You will work towards this goal for the next 3 months. If you accomplished your goal before the end of the year then CONGRATULATIONS! Your success is a great example for …
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Leiftime Movement Prep #1 Buy in: 75, 50, or 25 TTB for time *perform 3 burpees every drop off of the bar Then… 12 min AMRAP 200M run 10 Meter HS Walk or HSPU *At the beginning of each odd round perform 20 box jump overs (20″) Cash out: Weekly Challenge by Chris


6056 We will be retesting this workout every 2-3 months for the entirety of 2015. Do your best and good luck! Min 0-15: Build to a 3RM Deadlift Min 15-18: REST Min 18-28: 10 min AMRAP 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats Min 28-33: REST In the remaining time perform your choice of: 2k …
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” Your Coach has the knowledge, ask them for the nutrition advice you need. ”


Leiftime Movement Prep #ADAM Teams of 2 X4 10 Curtis P(s) 95/65 20 HSPU 20 T2B 40 Russian KBS 72/53 * Every 2 mins both athletes complete 2 candlestick jumps

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