Month: October 2014


This Saturday we plan on breaking down positions in the snatch and progressing to the full movement. This video is beautiful footage of highly technical lifters going after max attempts in competition. Imitate only the best, these guys rarely make mistakes and when they do it is usually a technical error. In your own training, …
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NO 6:00PM CLASS TONIGHT HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Leiftime Movement Prep #4 Buy in: 10 min work on your goal… Then… 3 rounds 400M run 25 wallballs (20/14) 5 power snatch (115/75)


Leiftime Movement Prep#1 A1. Tire drag (30M/20M); rest 15s A2. Jump squat; 15 reps; rest 90s X5 Then… 5min AMRAP 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 sit-ups Rest 2min X3 *start each set where you left off the previous round


Leiftime Movement Prep#2 Buy in: A1. Push press; 4 reps; rest 30s A2. Weighted pull-up; 4 reps; rest 2 min X5 Then… 21-15-9 OHWL (45/35) Burpee box jump (24/20) *after every round perform 2 rounds of 100M run 1 rope climb

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