Month: May 2014


Leiftime Movement Prep #1 In teams of 2 with 1 partner working at a time complete: 40 power cleans (135/95) 60 cal airdyne/row 80 slamballs (40/20) 60 cal airdyne/row 40 power cleans (135/95) *sub for not enough rowers is both partners run 600m at the same time..


This Saturday we’re going to snatch, 10am. Come ready! Video If you’re trying to get better at something that involves athleticism you want to emulate the best. This is good footage, its the speed, precision and attention to detail that makes a difference in training. There is no such thing as training the lifts at …
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Leiftime Movement Prep #2 BUY IN DEADLIFTS 3-12-3-12-3(135/95) Then… 5 Rounds for time: 40M Walking Lunge Accumulate 40s plank hold


Leiftime Movement Prep #3 Not for time… 20 Turkish gettups (53/35) Then… 1000m row 50 Kb swings (53/35) 30 box jumps (24/20) GPP 1000m row 50 kb swings (72/53) 30 box jumps (28/24)


Leiftime Movement Prep # 1 3 min handstand practice + 8-6-4-6-8 Front Squat Rest 90s between sets Then… 12 MIN AMRAP First 6 minutes 30m Bear Crawl (pull-up rig is 10m) 7 HSPU Last 6 minutes 30 double unders 10 sit-ups

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