Month: December 2013


HOLIDAY SCHEDULE LAST CLASS TODAY AT 4:00pm Leiftime Movement Prep #2 5-5-3-3-1-1-1 Work up to max single… Rxd Standard & Rxd GPP CASHOUT 1000M ROW For the leader board…


Leiftime Movement Prep #2 Rxd Standard & Rxd GPP 1000M RUN 100-PUSH-UPS (show hands) 10- CLEANS 135/95 Rxd GPP 1000M RUN 100-PUSH-UPS (show hands) 10-SNATCH 135/95

Sunday Service 0900

Make Up Day / Open Gym


Leiftime Movement Prep #ADAM Rxd Standard & Rxd GPP AMRAP 20 MIN 5-PULL-UPS 10-BURPEES * Teams of two- Take turns completing rounds- REST while partner completes Pull-ups -Hold a plank for partners burpees to count…

Saturday Oly Clinic 10:00

Saturday we’re going to C&J. See you there 10 am Picture: What a top pull should look like. Photo credit to Wonderlifter Flickr. Sidenote: check the body-type of this lifter and in the video. He’s not muscle bound by any means. Lean, even skinny body types can succeed in this sport. Its about speed, precision …
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