Month: September 2012

Sunday Service with Patti 0830 (football hours)

Make up day / Open Gym


Leiftime Movement Prep #1 Rxd Standard and Rxd GPP 10-Tire Flips for split: Tire strikes Box jump 24/20 Rope climb Plank Toes 2 bar Deadlift 135/95 Row Rest Run through 3 times…

Saturday Oly Clinic 0900

Snatch Come ready to work this Saturday as we’ll be drilling the snatch in its progressions with a build up to 1RM. See you 9am! Colin Picture: SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad Iran +105kg. This man is the gold medalist super heavyweight of London 2012……and it wasn’t even close. Salimi has great mobility for someone of his weight …
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Leifime Movement Prep #2 Rxd Standard 800M Run 20-OHWL 45/35 600M Run 20-OHWL 400M Run 20-OHWL 200M Run 20-OHWL Rxd GPP 800M Run 20- Rack Position Walking Lunges 95/65 600M Run 20-RPWL 400M Run 20-RPWL 200M Run 20-RPWL


Leiftime Movement prep # 1 Rxd Standard 20:00 AMRAP 5- Cast Wall Walks 200M Sandbag Carry 50/25 Rxd GPP 20:00 AMRAP 3- Muscle Ups 25 Ft Handstand Walk 200M Sandbag Carry 50/25

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