Month: July 2012


4rounds for time: 200M run 100M walking lunge

Death by Power Clean

Athlete will have 1 loaded barbell in front of them…Once the clock begins, they will perform 1 power clean at the first minute, 2 power cleans at the 2nd minute, 3 power cleans at the 3rd minute…and so on, until athlete cannot complete the designated reps with the corresponding minute. At that point the workout …
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Sunday service with Patti 0900

Make up day/ Open gym

Saturday Oly Clinic

Jerks Saturday we will work on the jerk and related positioning in its performance. Remember the jerk is a leg lift and that the upper body is just made to support and guide the bar! 9am we’ll see you there. Picture: Taner Sagir, Turkey, the muscle-less wonder. If I didn’t tell you he was a …
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