1. Buy In
Back Squat
1×5 @ 80%
1×4 @ 85%
1×3 @ 90%
As the percentages creep up, the need to be ready for each rep is much greater. The speed should be the same on these reps should be the same as it was for Week 1. Make sure you are really loose and ready to go before your working sets. Stand each squat up as fast as you possibly can.

2. Metcon

AMRAP 12 Minutes:
12/9 Calorie Row
9 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
6 Kettlebell Snatch 53/35lbs

This is transition practice as much as it is pacing practice. Each movement is very doable for exactly that reason. Keep an aggressive pace on each movement and move with a real sense of urgency in your transitions.

Log Workout


Friday, 3/23/18 – Crossfit LT 18.5 Friday Night Lights 4-7PM