SAT OLY CLINIC 0900-1000

This Saturday we’re going to work on the nuances of the snatch. For
better or worse (sic), I’m going to employ some more detailed coaching
techniques and work on drilling the movement in parts (with demonstrations
from Nik and Jessica) while saving the last 15 minutes for the whole
motion. I want all attendees to show up mentally prepared to learn more
about themselves, their body and be ready to learn more about the sport of
Olympic Weightlifting.

Whether a first timer to the class or a regular, you will walk away with
some skills that you didn’t wake up with this Saturday. I come to this
class with hrs of training, coaching, and observation experience across
many disciplines (high level basketball, soccer, and weightlifting
backgrounds) and I know how to help people use their body better. It will
be a good time for all.


PS: Look at the picture. Other than being a thing of beauty, does this
position look familiar in our snatch progression drills? High thigh
maybe? BTW, I learn more every time I teach this class and want to thank
everyone who dedicates their morning to this

SAT OLY CLINIC 0900-1000


We’re going to drill the jerk this Saturday. It is a completely separate
skill from that of the clean and the snatch. The jerk has the highest
measured power output (power=force x distance/time) compared to the snatch
and clean and requires extreme mental and physical strain to successfully
complete. We will work on specific body positioning and drill concepts
directly related to the jerk and help to turn yourself into a competent
lifter while beginning to correct your own mistakes.

It will be fun for all. Don’t hesitate to commit in bringing yourself to
the gym this Saturday. Everyone will leave with more skill/strength than
they came in with. Guaranteed.


ps: look at the picture. I chose this one because of the lower extremity
positioning. This type of leg positioning isn’t natural, it comes from
hrs of practice and commitment to the movement.

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