SAT OLY CLINIC 0900-1000

Weightlifting is an Art

Weightlifting is an art. I’m not talking about lat pull downs, biceps
curls, and bench pressing etc, but Olympic style weightlifting. Athletes
need to approach the barbell like every attempt has the potential to be a
masterpiece….and it can if you put the mental and physical effort into
the lift. Olympic Weightlifting is not a mindless sport/activity where
you can put forth less than 100% and still “get a good workout.” Nothing
less than 100% mental/physical effort will suffice in order to even make a
warm up snatch attempt.

Saturday we will drill phases and complexes of the snatch in ways we
haven’t addressed yet at Crossfit. It will be a good time and everyone
should look to get better this Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.


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